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We take a strategic approach to search optimization projects. A big-picture overview of what you are attempting to accomplish with your business informs our search optimization efforts.

Our regularly updated knowledge and expertise of the current state and best practices in the search marketing world puts us in a position to be able to craft search engine optimization strategies with significant business impact. We know which search factors are currently relevant and which are not. And we know the current relative importance of each factor. We meticulously factor these into our on-site and off-site SEO initiatives.

With these knowledge and expertise, we map your business top-level goals to specific SEO initiatives, thus ensuring that each effort is both relevant and measurable.

With such top-down approach we are able to breakdown your search optimization efforts into discrete mini-projects, complete with timelines, responsibilities and expected ROI.

Our Search Engines Optimization Approach

  • Understanding the big-picture search trends
  • Align the SEO goals with your business goals
  • Map each content to a keyword
  • Break down the SEO efforts in discrete projects
  • Create a reporting and measurement system that charts the progress

Unique Features of Our SEO Solutions

  • Automated meta-taging of pages
  • Automated XML sitemap generation and search engine submission
  • Automatic schemas for page contents
  • On-site W3C HTML Markup Validator
  • Elegant handling of the standard "404 Page not found" warning
  • Automatic scheduling of content for timed publishing
  • Comprehensive automated real-time content analysis and SEO feedback (YoastSEO.js)
  • Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) standards
  • Social sharing
  • etc

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