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Integrations and APIsTransform into a Digital Business, guided by Digital Strategy and Vision, powered by APIs

Each of our digital solutions offering (web, mobile, cloud, social, data, Drupal, etc) can be delivered individually as point solutions. The best and most beneficial approach would be to implement them as parts of a holistic digital business transformation agenda, informed by a deliberate digital strategy and a clear digital vision.

In this case we are implementing each solution in a phased priority sequence, dictated by the digital strategy. Although each solution is implemented independently, complete with their our timelines, milestones and expected outcomes and success criteria, together they deliver on a higher corporate digital vision.

These seamless integrations are achieved through APIs build on top of a digital experience platform foundation.

Our approach is to follow our unique full digital transformation roadmap:

Digital Capability Assessment

We look closely into the current state of your organizations digital capabilities, to try and figure out what you are doing right, what to needs to change, and what needs to be introduced afresh. See Assessment.

Research and Analysis

We conduct research on your current customers, competitors and industry. We then map out how your customers experience your brand (customer journey mapping) from awareness to purchase to loyalty. Finally we use proven tools to analyze and model your current value proposition and business model for fitness for the digital marketplace. See Research and Analysis.

Digital Vision Creation

Based off the results of the previous phases, we craft a clear and coherent vision for your business in the digital arena, taking into consideration the technology capacity and competency gaps needed to reach it. See Digital Vision Creation.

Digital Strategy Development

Here we determine the set of digital initiatives that would collectively be needed to realize your digital vision.  We also determine their priorities, milestones and their expected outcomes. These are formalized into a Digital Strategy document.

Solutions Implementation

Then we implement each of the digital initiatives dictated by the digital strategy agenda according to their priorities. Each initiative is an independent project that builds on the previous one. Each project is started, completed and assessed one after the other, following the set plan, until the whole vision is realized.

A project initiative may require integrations with external systems. The foundational digital platform we usually starts with ensures that this is always possible and seamless to achieve because they API-capable by nature.

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