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Data And AnalyticsImprove your business result with insights from relevant metrics and key performance indicators

In today's digital world, insights through data and analytics is indispensable to the success of any digital business initiative. It is a thread that runs through every other digital initiative that is part of the overall digital transformation goal. It is the engine that provides continual insight and direction needed to guide your digital efforts to success.

Our data and analytics services powers your entire business with the meaningful metrics and key performance indicators (KPI). This is necessary for making informed decisions to enable you deliver on your strategic and operational objectives.

We de-emphasize vanity metrics, and instead focus on the actionable ones that would arm your with the insights needed to make faster and better-informed decisions for maximum business impact.

Because we focus on small and medium enterprises (SME), we favor simple but impactful tools that are easy to use and manage, and also within budget. Our number one choice is Google Analytics

Our Data and Analytics Services Offerings includes:

Google Analytics

If you are small or just starting out with data and analytics, we rarely recommend solutions beyond Google Analytics. But if you have complex requirements, as in when Google Analytics does not meet your specific needs, we recommend and offer help with the following other data and analytics services:

Google Analytics Alternatives

If for some reasons you do not want to use Google Analytics for your data and analytics needs, for instance when you need to self-host your own solution, we can recommend the following, which can also help you setup:

Advanced Data and Analytics Solutions

If you have more advanced requirements than simple web analytics, like real-time analytics, advanced customer insights, we recommend the following, which can also help you setup:

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