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CommerceStart selling anything, to anyone, anywhere through a simple, powerful and effective eCommerce solution

We can safely assume your know exactly what your business needs to succeed. We can also assume that you want to improve your revenue generation capability. Right now your capacity to reach more potential customers may have flattened, and by extension the revenue from your business.

Welcome to the Digital Commerce World!

Because we are now living in the digital era, the whole world is your market, and every one on it is a potential customer. Your capacity to reach more customers with your products is now practically without limit, and so also is your potential for revenue generation and increase.

But to play in this new digital world, and do so most successfully, you need to leverage digital, most specifically, digital commerce solutions, otherwise called eCommerce.

A Unique eCommerce Solution for Your Unique Brand!

While there are lots of eCommerce solutions out there, to be most successful with your eCommerce ambition, we recommend that you go for a solution with at least the following features:

  • Custom-made for your unique eCommerce challenges
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Can grow with your business (flexible, extensible, scalable)
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

The Icelark eCommerce Solution

Our eCommerce solutions gives you all of the above as basic, and then more. Our aim goes beyond just empowering your business to start selling online, we also aim to arm you with a digital platform that would enable you to deliver on your business objective of continuous revenue generation most effectively.

Our expert know-how and experience in the field enables us to create simple and powerful eCommerce digital experiences that would delight your potential customers and keep them coming back for more.

Our ultimate vision is to create an eCommerce digital experience platform that would be transformative to your business.


Online Payment

You can enable any payment options you want easily: Card payments (credit/debit cards), local or international payment gateways, offline payments like bank deposit and pay-on-delivery, etc.

Back-end Order and Inventory Management

The back office capability of our solution enables your staff handle and manage orders and inventory behind the scene effectively.

Adaptable And Flexible: Continuous Innovation Capable

With our solution you can start as small as you want right now, and still retain the capacity grow as big as you want well into the future. Your eCommerce platform grows in tune with your business, integrating any new innovation along the way, seamlessly.


Our solution gives you all the basic features and functionality you require to start selling your products online right now: products catalog, merchandising, pricing, promotion, data and analytics, search and browse, customer profiles, shopping cart and checkout, order administration, customer service tools, etc.

Marketing Ready

Our solution is enabled for online marketing.


Our solutions are mobile-ready for all devices right now, and automatically responsive to any new and future devices.

personalisation and Contextualization

Our solution deliver customer experiences that targets your visitor with the right offering at the right time and on the right context.


Apart from other standard features and functionality of an eCommerce platform, our solution offers you choices of features and functionality unique to your business. The limit is your imagination, and the natural limitations of technology at the moment.

A Unified Experience

Our solution enables your audience experience your brand as a whole seamlessly through a unified content, commerce and community experiences.

Security and Performance

We ensure to protect your business and customer's data through various measures including SSL encryption, security standards compliance and fraud protection/prevention tools. Our solution is guaranteed to meet the PCI compliance and other security standards for online platforms. And we will optimize your platform for speed.

Long-Term Partnership

We don't just deliver an eCommerce solution and say good bye. We maintain and establish a long-term relationship to ensure your continuous success, through constant assessment and improvement over time. Ask our other clients


Additional functionality includes: tax/VAT, discount/coupon, shipping, digital products, analytics and reporting, etc.

Ready to launch your business or organization unto the forefront of the digital revolution?

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