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TrainingThe Complex Digital Business Environment Of Today Demands Special Digital Skills To Succeed

Our training program is the second of our educational incentives package through which we intend to raise the knowledge level of our target audience to the point where they begin to make sense of the impending digital upheaval, and begin to see it as a tremendous opportunity rather than a threat to their organization.

In addition, we will deliver actionable and practical advice they can begin to implement immediately to see results.

The Two Objectives Of Our Training Program

Our training programs are of two main purposes/offerings:

First to enable a face-to-face interactions with potential clients and, perhaps, audience from our online publication platform, Icelark Digital. And secondly to empower our current clients with the necessary skills and knowledge that will enable them successfully run and manage the solutions we implemented and delivered for them.

The first case may be a free or paid event organized, either independently, or as part of one of larger events in which we are privileged to be a part of from time to time (for example DrupalCamp Nigeria events), or in collaboration with other organizations. Such events will be duly announced on our article page.

The second case is a one-on-one closed session events, targeted at a particular new or current client. Here we train their staff to empower them with the skills and expertise needed to successfully takeover and manage the solutions implemented for them. This is in obvious recognition of the new reality that the usual 'ICT literacy' requirements is no longer sufficient to handle the new breed of digital technologies and processes that are hallmark of the digital age.

A new set of skills are a necessity. It would be pointless investing your time, money and efforts transforming your enterprise into a digital business, and then not having the right skills and talents in place to handle them.

These are the gaps our training programs intends to fill. So, avail yourself of these opportunities whenever you can.

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