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AssessmentStakeholders Interview And Digital Competency Assessment determines your Digital Fitness

Through stakeholders interviews and digital competency assessment we learn what you are doing right, what you need to change or what you need to start doing, digitally 

Stakeholders Interviews

In a kick-off session we interact informally with various members of your organization to get a feel of what your organization and business is all about, and to figure out how best to proceed with the rest of the assessment session.

This sets the stage for more formal interactions later.

Digital Competency Assessment

Through interactive sessions that might span days to weeks, we collaborate with you, your staff, partners, and possibly some of your customers, to provide definite answers to some key questions. Here we look at and attempt to measure the digital capacity of your organization as it is currently, based on 7 criteria.


How well do you currently understand your primary customer? their goals, motivations, interactions and business context as they relate with your organization?


Do you currently have a corporate vision that comprises of a business strategy and a digital strategy that are aligned with your identified customer needs?


Do you have the highly collaborative teams with the requisite digital mindset necessary to deliver on your vision of a digital business?


Digital success is not possible without an effective digital marketing machine. And central to any marketing initiative is your messaging delivered in the form of content. So do you have the content marketing machinery in place necessary to effectively deliver your messages to the right audience, at the right time, the right place and the right context?


Do you have the technology platforms in place, that are well coordinated, to consistently deliver and support an exceptional customer experience?


Do you have within your departments, people with the skills, talents and expertise necessary to execute and deliver on the operational needs of a modern digital business?


Do you have a the data and analytics capability needed to run your daily operations through a continuous cycle of measuring, analyzing, testing and improving feedback loop?

At the end of these sessions we provide you with a detailed assessment of the current digital competency of your business.

What's Your Digital Fitness!

Want to know how well prepared your organization is currently for the Digital Age? What is your Digital Competency now? What do you need to do about it?

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