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ServicesExperience & leverage our holistic approach to our clients relationships

The deliberate logic to our business model is based on our core principle of client-focus. Hence our digital services are structured into three major strategic offerings that speaks to this honest intention. This structure is informed by a holistic approach to our audience/clients relationships.

Digital education

Educate, Inform and Inspire (Digital Education)

We have a strong preference for clients who are knowledgeable about the fields of the services we provide them. Hence we have a set of educational programs and incentives through which we try to keep our clients and potential clients well informed and inspired. These includes our thought leadership platform: Icelark Digital online publications, training programs and speaking engagements.

Digital consultancy

Assess, Research, Plan and Design (Consultancy)

A successful Digital Business Initiative starts with extensive research, a clear Digital Vision and a documented Digital Strategy, ready to be implemented. Extensive forward planning is the basis for our digital consultancy services.

Digital solution

Implement, Measure and Improve (Solutions)

Our digital solution comprises a combined blend of different digital project initiatives: web, mobile, cloud, social, data and analytics, etc. These are integrated into a coherent Digital Business system suited to your business digital marketplace

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