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VanessacradlePretty, Colorful and Playful Web Experience For A Prime Pre-School Institution

Vanessa Cradle comprises of a Creche, a Pre-school and an After-school programs.

It is run by a team of dedicated Early Year professionals, caregivers and a paediatric nurse in a stimulating learning environment for infants and toddler care. Homework assistance, tutoring and enrichment programs are provided for school-age children (After School care).

Vanessa Cradle needed to be on the web and they contacted Icelark to help make their vision a reality.

The Project Objectives

The objectives of the project was very straightforward:

To create for the child institution a website platform that would serve as the primary messaging, information, communication and feedback medium.

The platform should be intuitive and easy to use both for the intended primary audience and the back-end management staff that would be managing and updating it.

The website should also be very attractive and present delightful user experiences for the primary user audience.

Research And Analysis Processes

With the primary project objectives decided on with the client, Icelark started off with usual primary and secondary research and analysis processes. This covered Vanessa Cradle's primary target audience, competitors and industry.

The results was a wealth of information and insight about who the primary audience are, their preferences, expectations, demographics, among others. The Vanessa Cradle's primary target audience was identified as working class new parents, who are concerned for the welfare of their infants and kids while they are off to work.

The result also provided information about Vanessa Cradle's likely competitors, what they are up to and what they may be lacking with regards to their online presence.

The state of the industry related to digital technologies advances was also of interest.

Digital Vision And Experience Strategy Delivered

Insights gained from the research and analysis phase informed and guided the creation of the digital vision and digital experiences strategy for the project.

With the primary target audience in mind, Icelark crafted a suitable content strategy, information architecture and data model for the website platform.

Given the nature of the target audience, the design of the website platform required extra attention. Apart from being attractive it has to convey the right impression: an environment that is safe, secure, warm and comfortable for kids. It also have to be delightful and colorful, an atmosphere suitable for stimulating a child's healthy development.

These design requirements informed the choices of imagery, fonts, words/phrases, colors and overall page layouts to achieve the right impression.

The client was very delighted by the final outcome.

Chosing A Solid Digital Experience Foundation

For the content management Drupal, the powerful CMS and content management framework was chosen. This ensured a solid foundation for the Vanessa Cradle digital experience platform. Icelark has long experience with Drupal and it has used it for many of their clients projects.

The choice of Drupal as a foundation for this project, as well as for many other projects, is largely due to the value that the popular open source project brings the our clients projects: Apart from being powerful, it is also very extensible, secure and robust, with a very healthy and helpful community supporting it world wide.

Of important to most of Icelark's clients, Drupal is very low cost. both to implement and maintain in the long run.

Social Media Integrations

In support and to complement the website platform, relevant social media channels were also created and set up as part of the overall digital experiences for the project. This included Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

These were integrated with the website.

The Result

The outcome of the project was a colorful, attractive, delightful and pleasing digital experience website platform for the Vanessa Cradle infant and child's institution brand that perfectly captured the atmosphere and impression they want to convey to their primary target audience.

Also a back-end management that is very easy to update and use by their non-technical staff, that founded on a secure and robust Drupal CMS foundation.

Also social media channel's that seamlessly integrates with the website to ensure easy sharing of cute photo's and other contents to their cheerful fan's, contacts and followers.

From reports from the Vanessa Cradle management so far, their audience have come to love their platforms, including the website and their social media presence.

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