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ShippingPosition OnlineDigital Web Platform For A Modern Maritime News Online Publication

ShippingPositon maritime newspaper, a production of First Mediacom Network Limited, was then a paper print-only weekly publication and facing an industry-wide threat: the imminent digital incursion into the news publication industry.

The public was increasingly developing an inevitable preference for consuming news online, and for free.

Recognising the new trend towards digital preferences and expectations of readers generally, First Mediacom Network Limited partnered with Icelark to move online by creating a web platform that would enable it establish a firm foothold in the digital arena with it's specialized ShippingPosition maritime news and information publication operation.

With a wealth of experience building websites for companies in the news media industry, Icelark and First Mediacom Network, with its specialist industry knowledge and experience, came together to brainstorm, detailed and formalized a unique content strategy, information architecture, and user experience for the primary target audience.

The proposed website also needed to cater for the specific ShippingPosition authoring and editorial user experiences. This would enable their reporters and editors interact with the system without any special technical know-how.

The Dependable Partner

With many years of strategic partnership with First Mediacom Network, Icelark had overseen the progressive evolution of the ShippingPosition digital platform across numerous digital trends.

This had ensured that the platform remained up-to-date and always ahead of digital trends that is constantly transforming the news industry: social media, email marketing, responsive design, content management, search, mobile, analytics and optimization, personalization, digital marketing, and so on.

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