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Nigeria CommunicationsWeekDigital Web Platform For A Modern ICT News Online Publication

The Nigeria CommunicationsWeek ICT news publications company was thriving and quite successful when they were a paper print-only publication outfit. But even at their prime then, they recognized earlier than most the imminent threat from digital to the industry as a whole.

But being in the ICT news industry themselves, such recognition was not unexpected; they reported about it all the time. So if anyone was to know about the looming threat and opportunity for the prepared, Nigeria CommunicationsWeek would be it.

An Industry-Wide Threat ...

The threat was evidenced by the increasing popularity of the Internet and the successive emergent of ever more powerful connected devices in the form of Smartphones. The implication of this was that more and more people were having easy access to the Internet, and hence the changing preferences for getting their news online, and getting it for free.

This posed a threat to the entire news industry and to their prevailing business models. This was most especial to news outfits that were primarily paper print based. Not only would this affect their bottomline as regards revenue from paper sales, as readers are now expecting to be getting be getting their news online, free of charge, but that the business model required to thrive online was vastly different from what they were used to. A whole new steep learning curve awaits them in the new digital world.

The major challenge for the industry players then was that even if they manage to get their outlets online, figuring out how they would monetize their primary product, the news article, under the new digital environment would pose a challenge. Without the right guidance and direction this issue alone could spell doom for their entire business.

To address this challenge, different news outfits adopted many models, but by far the most prevalent was the "free access with paid advertisement" model.

... But A Huge Opportunity For Nigeria CommunicationsWeek

So that was the future that Nigeria CommunicationsWeek foresaw ahead of most others and reached out for a multi-years partnership with Icelark to help establish and chart their inevitable digital future. The partnership had ensured that Nigeria CommunicationsWeek stayed relevant, right across all technological inflation points that saw many others fall by the wayside.

The first online presence that Icelark created for Nigeria CommunicationsWeek was simply a reproduction of the print publication online, as was the norm in those days. If featured a simple (in today's standards) proprietary content management system. But at that time, given that news websites was still relatively new in this part of the world, it was revolutionary.

As the web and digital technology continued to advance and gain popularity, Icelark ensured that Nigeria CommunicationsWeek digital platform stayed ahead of the later trends that followed. The platform was constantly being revised and updated as each relevant trends appeared on the horizon. These included social media, email marketing, content management, search, analytics, security, performance, mobile, personalization, and so on.

Mobile Force Unleased

An important point on this trendsline was the emergent of mobile as a powerful driving force. The mobile experience of the Nigeria CommunicationsWeek website was streamlined and updated well ahead of other news publication outfits in Nigeria.

The Nigeria CommunicationsWeek mobile web experience was so ahead of the competition at the time that the website became among the top 100 most ranking websites in Nigeria.

The Result: Year-Over-Year Success

Over all of these years of partnership Icelark had been responsible for supporting all of the Nigeria CoomunicationsWeek's firsts in Nigeria, including successful year-over-year hosting of the prestigious Beacon of ICT (BoICT) Awards.

The award attracts prominent who-is-who in Nigeria from various sectors, most especially political office holders, representatives from government agencies and big organizations with related technological and digital interests and operations. This includes telecoms and innovative tech giants from across Nigeria.

Icelark conceptualized, created, manages and updates the online voting system that powers the event each year.

As Nigeria CommunicationsWeek continues to dream up future initiatives, Icelark stand behind them as a capable strategic technology partner to think through with them and actualize every digital solution and outcome such ideas requires.

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