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Mebreg Spool and Water ProjectsWeb Real-Estate For The Best Nigeria Swimming Pool Company

MebReg Spool and Water Projects Limited is an established company comprising of seasoned professionals who are versed in the construction, installation and maintenance of swimming pools, Spas and other water based infrastructure like water fountains in Nigeria.

MebReg needed a befitting and useful online presence, so they turn to Icelark to help bring their digital vision to reality.

Project Objectives

The project objectives were established following the initial brainstorming sessions:

To create a suitable web presence for the swimming pool brand, that would serve as the primary source of information for their works and services online.

The proposed website should also match and integrate seamlessly with the offline brand experiences that their customers has come to expect. The design should be very attractive and beautiful to behold, as well as being mobile responsive and easy to manage/update for MebReg's non-technical staff.

Research And Analysis

Establishing the baseline project expectations in concrete terms, the next stage in the Icelark formalized project framework follows: Research and analysis. This comprises stakeholders interviews, primary and secondary target audience, competitors and industry research and analysis.

Stakeholders interviews lays the ground work for subsequent activities by helping establish exactly the primary challenge/problem the client is trying to solve. It also help establish the general definition of the clients primary target audience for subsequent investigations and research.

Working on Mebreg's area of business domain knowledge, Icelark conducted various levels of research on their current and potential customers. This aided the determination of what was important to them, their values, expectations, preferences and digital habit, that would provide valuable insight in creating the new Mebreg's digital platform.

Competitors and industry research was also conducted to round-out the exercise for further insights.

A Holistic Digital Vision And A Central Value Proposition

From the previous research and analysis sessions, a clear and deliberate digital vision was outlined and detailed for MebReg Spool and Water Projects Limited. Key to this digital vision was the creation of a value proposition that articulated the brands promises that Mebreg want to communicate to it's present and potential customers.

This value proposition then became the central message of the new website platform, as well as for all offline communications and messaging. In other words, it became an integral part of Mebreg's holistic brand experience.

Digital Experience Strategy

The research/analysis, digital vision and value proposition efforts informed and guided the creation of a final digital experience strategy for the project.

The digital strategy detailed the final project deliverables, their priorities, milestones and expected outcomes. Subsequently the project was completed on time and on budget, meeting and exceeding all of the clients expectations.

The Result

The final outcome was an aesthetically pleasing and attractive website, with a delightful mobile responsive experience; an easy to use and intuitive back-end management experience; and a solid foundation for the future digital experience enhancement; founded on the powerful Drupal CMS platform.

The future for the Mebreg online brand experiences couldn't be better.

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