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EduskoA Unique Education Information Digital Experience For The Busy Parents

With a wealth of experience around the traditional education information and marketing industry Nous Communications decided it was time to go digital, in the light of the digital revolution waves disrupting virtually every industry.

They had an idea for a unique education information and marketing digital platform and decided on Icelark as the technology partner of choice in bringing the vision to limelight.

Working with the Icelark team on numerous workshops that spanned weeks, Nous Communications came up with a comprehensive digital experience strategy that captures their vision in very concrete terms.

Project Objectives

To become the primary digital resource of choice for linking good school to parents/guardians on behalf of their wards.

With the objective defined, the two teams set out to clarify the primary audiences in terms of who they are, what their needs and priorities are, their expectations, preferences, motivations and roadblocks as they relates to making a choice schools for their wards.

Research And Analysis Processes

Following our customer, industry and competitors research processes we narrowed down the primary target audience to two definitive personas: parents/guardian and school proprietors/heads. These now became the basis for the user experience for the proposed digital initiative. Their concerns would henceforth influence all decisions on functionality, content and design.

In addition to the stakeholders interview and primary customer insights, we also carried out a secondary research on Edusko competitors and industry. This also informed the decisions on the overall project strategy.

Determining Target Audience Needs And Business Goals

With the two primary target personas as the guide, we created two separate journey maps for each persona, that specifically addressed the experiences Edusko wants to enable on the web platform. The main focus was on helping them achieve their intended objectives with the platform.

For the parent/guardian persona this would translate to the optimal exposures to relevant information on the best potential schools for their wards.

For the schools, it would mean getting maximum relevant eyeballs to their schools information resources on the platform and having the parents/guardians take desired actions. The platform would enable them showcase the best of their schools for the opportunity to attract maximum enrollment, or at least further inquiries.

For Edusko, the business goal is to attract enough of both classes of personas within the platform to build up a rich educational information hub to become the 'Facebook' of education connections in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

Crafting The Digital Vision And Value Proposition

Specialized digital experiences were planned and crafted for these primary target audiences, as well as an internal staff user experience to enable the easy management of the platform.

In a few workshops involving both teams, we outlined suitable value propositions targeting each persona. We also brainstormed a deliberate business model that would enable Edusko deliver on the brands promises to them, as well as enable Edusko extract maximum business value from the relationships.

The resultant digital vision from these exercises was very satisfactory to the Edusko founder, Jide Ayegbusi, and he gave the nod of approval to proceed to the digital strategy phase.

The Digital Strategy

With a wealth of extensive research, analysis and insights behind, creating the digital strategy was started off on a very solid foundation. We outlined and detailed the various components of the digital initiatives, their priorities, milestones, timelines and outcomes.

The Result

After implementations and launch, with minimal fanfare and noise, the Edusko platform was well on its way to achieving the status of becoming the "Facebook" of education communications in Nigeria.

What Next?

With a rich resources of schools information and the increasing attention of parents/guardians with school-age wards, Edusko is planning on going mobile, targeting all the major platforms, iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

With Icelark as its technology partner of choice, Edusko's audiences are guaranteed a delightful mobile experience that would integrate nicely with the current web platform they have come to love.

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