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Alexander-DavidsA Better Investor Relations Information Presentations For The Digital Age

Alexander-Davids Limited is an Investor Relations Consulting firm based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Being an up and coming player in the investor relations consulting industry, a rare niche within the financial sector in Nigeria, Alexander-Davids needed a web presence to help promote its services within this little known financial niche.

They partnered with Icelark to help make their digital objective a reality.

Defining Project Objectives And Primary Target Audience

Central to this objective was to have an information rich web platform that would help attract the their primary target audience and keep them coming back to the website for more timely and regularly updated information and data.

Given that this primary target audience would mostly consist of data-savvy, accuracy and timely information demanding individuals and organizations, attention to details and accuracy of data presentation was to be paramount to the ultimate success of the project.

Gaining Vital Research Insights And Articulating A Central Value Proposition

Working with the Alexander-Davids management over a number of meetings, relying on their extensive experience of their industry, we determined the various information needs of their primary audience. The result included a wide variety of financial, corporate and stock market information and data classes, with varieties of frequency of availability (daily, monthly, yearly, etc).

Armed with enough customer, competitor and industry insights, in addition to Alexander-David's own specific data and information offerings, we outlined a journey map specific to the target audience and that would distinguish the Alexander-Davids brand digitally.

We also brainstormed and articulated a value proposition for the Alexander-Davids brand that would be central to their messaging all over the new web presence.

Path To Success: Creating A Digital Strategy Roadmap

With enough insights, information and inspiration to work with, we crafted a digital experience strategy for the Alexander-Davids brand. Central to this strategy was the user experience that would address the primary audience's data and information needs. This guided the choices in creating the content strategy, information architecture, content models, differentiated experiences, among other things that addresses the major requirements, demands and preferences identified for their target audience.

With the digital strategy roadmap formalized, Icelark went ahead with the implementations, delivering on all promises, including meeting deadlines and achieving all expected and promised outcomes.

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