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Feet 'n' Tricks Sports Members And Events Management System

With legend Kanu Nwankwo on board, FeetnTricks aimed to popularize the sports of freestyle football in Nigeria. They chose Icelark as digital partner

Edusko Education Information Digital Experience

Nous Communications envisioned a unique Digital Education Information platform for busy parents and chose Icelark as digital partner. Edusko was born!

Vanessacradle Creche, Pre- and After-School Education Institution

Vanessa Cradle needed a website platform for it's Creche, Pre-school & After-school programs. Icelark heeded the call & was crafted!

Mebreg Swimming Pool Company

MebReg Spool and Water Projects Ltd needed a befitting web presence for it's excellent swimming pool works and services business. Icelark delivered!

Udenu Local Government Digital Platform

Udenu Local Government needed to revolutionize it's citizens relationship at local stage through digital technology. Icelark was the choice partner!

Dx eCommerce Web Platform

DX Online wanted to challenge Nigeria's eCommerce gaints, Jumia and Konga with a unique eCommerce shopping experience. Icelark delivered on promise!
News Media

Business And Maritime West Africa

Business and Maritime West Africa was being forced by changing readers behaviour to move from paper to digital publication. Icelark made it possible!

Alexander-Davids Investor Relations Consulting

Alexander-Davids needed an investor relations web platform with extensive integration of financial data among other needs. Icelark built it for them
News Media


With paper format out of fashion with it's reader base who now prefers digital publications, ShippingPosition had to act fast. Icelark to the rescue!
News Media

Nigeria CommunicationsWeek

Foresight compelled Nigeria CommunicationsWeek to make a decision to go digital when others were being complacent. Icelark was a good partner choice!

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